Let me put this straight. Your goal is to sell your house for a price higher than you expected. And we’re here to realize it for you.

But how? Allow us to introduce ourselves a bit. I’m a realtor and my team runs the most popular Chinese real estate Facebook fan page and website in the Bay Area. Thousands of young Chinese engineers working in Google, Facebook, Apple and startups follow my posts. (Though it’s in Chinese but you can see the number of likes— it’s an incredible number for a realtor’s page.)

And how does that relate to your goal?

Two facts in the world of Bay Area real estate:

👉The MORE the people knowing that you’re selling your house, the HIGHER the sold price would be.
👉Millennial Chinese engineers are the main house purchasing power. They don’t read newspaper. They don’t pay attention to billboard and flyers. The only way to reach them is via online marketing and social media.

So simply imagine that we promote your house on our page and website. Thousands of eligible buyers will see it in one day. And surely the level of interest will surge, as well as the sold price.

Our Promise: Just by social media advertising alone, we’ll let over 30,000 locals see your house in one week. Additionally, with our professional listing services, I have confidence that you and I will make a great team.

I can get you the highest price. Shall we talk?

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